Wiper Switch - 40s Style Polished

Hot Rod Wiper Switch Polished Aluminum 40s


3 position twist style 'Wiper' switch. Polished 40s aluminum knob and bezel. Required mounting hole size: 7/16". SOLD EACH
: $45.99



Universal Application

Required Mounting Hole Size: 7/16"

The 40s knob and bezel provides a period correct look in any custom or hot rod application. The wiper switch is designed as a twist activation switch rather than a push or pull, and features 3 positions: low, high, and park (if wiper motor is equipped with two positions and park feature, the OFF position will finish the current cycle and 'park' the wiper blades in the collapsed position). Note that some wiper motors only have an on or off option, in which case the second speed and park features will not work.


1 (ONE)
Twist Style 'Wiper' Switch
1 (ONE) Polished Aluminum Mounting Bezel
1 (ONE) Polished Aluminum '40s' Knob with Set Screw


This switch is also commonly used as an 'On/Off' switch alternative where a twist knob is desired in place of a pull knob.

Remember to always use a relay on any high amp application.

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