1928-1934 Ford Adjustable Dead Perch Set Polished Stainless

Polished Stainless Steel Adjustable Hot Rod Swivel Perches With Dead Head


Adjustable head for increased caster adjustment. Included dead head eliminates side to side spring movement shackles face. Polished body with keyway for lower shock mounts. For use with 1 3/4" wide spring. Thread size: 5/8"-18. For bushing diameter: 3/4". SOLD IN PAIRS
: $264.99



For Use With 1 3/4" Wide Springs

Thread Size: 5/8"-18
For Bushing diameter: 3/4"
Keyway Width: 0.125"
Perch 'Bolt' Diameter: 0.680"

American Hot Rod Parts' stainless steel perches are heat treated 17 - 4 stainless and designed extra long with a 0.125" wide keyway to eliminate lower shock mount rotation other brands face. The dead head perch kit offers the caster adjustment of adjustable perches and further acts as a great alternative to a front panhard bar by eliminating side to side spring movement, Also known as death wobble.


2 (TWO) Polished Stainless Steel Perch Bodies
1 (ONE)
Polished Stainless Dead Head Assembly
1 (ONE) Polished Stainless Steel Swivel Head2 (TWO)
Urethane Shackle Bushings
2 (TWO)Polished Stainless Steel Nyloc Nuts2 (TWO) Polished Stainless Steel Jam Nyloc Nuts


American Hot Rod Parts' dead head perches are also available in un polished stainless steel on this store. Search for Dead Head Perches in the search box to learn more.

After setting final caster adjustment, all adjustable style perches can be welded at rotation point to eliminate front end rotation under high braking loads.

Remember to always use Anti-Seize on all stainless steel and aluminum parts.

1928-1934 Ford Adjustable Spring Perches Polished Stainless 1928-1934 Ford Front Spring Perches Polished Stainless Traditional Style Front Spring Shackles Polished GT2 Smoothie Front Spring Shackles Polished
: $214.99
: $99.99
: $69.99
: $99.99
1928 - 1934 Polished S/S Adjustable Swivel Perches Polished Stainless Steel Hot Rod Style Fixed Perches Traditional 1 3/4" Front Stainless Steel Shackles GT2 1 3/4" Smoothie Front Shackles Polished

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