GT2 Lower Shock Mounts Polished Stainless Steel

GT2 Lower Shock Mounts Polished S/S


Investment cast polished stainless steel with built in male key to stop rotation. Tapered top to fit batwings. Recessed bottom with flat face for standard nylock hex nut. SOLD IN PAIRS
: $124.99



Fits 1928-1934 Ford 5/8" Perches

GT2 lower shock mounts raise the bar in the hot rod industry. Not only do the button head style shock bolts look great, they also make installing and removing shocks much simpler then conventional 1 piece mounts. They also feature a male key to stop rotation other brands face. The top features a taper to fit into batwings that do not have lower shock mounts built in. The bottom side is recessed with a flat face for standard perch nuts.


1 (ONE)Driver Side Polished Stainless Steel Shock Mount Body
1 (ONE)Passenger Side Polished Stainless Steel Shock Mount Body
2 (TWO)Polished Stainless Steel GT2 Shock Mount Bolts


Many brands that claim to have a built in keyway only have a key slot. These lower shock mounts have a male key investment cast into the design that will fit tight into perches and truly stop shock mount rotation.

Remember to always use Anti-Seize on all stainless steel and aluminum parts.

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