Forged Steel Spindle Kit 1937-1941 For Lincoln Backing Plates

37-41 Forged Spindles For Lincoln Backing Plates


1045 forged steel, heat treated, and CNC machined. Fits 1928-1948 Ford style axles. Common, 'round back' style, 37 - 41 Ford pre machined to accept Lincoln style backing plates. Accepts 1.190" inner bearing ID. Accepts 0.750" outer bearing ID. SOLD IN PAIRS
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1937-1941 Ford Round Back Spindle Design
For Use With 1928-1948 Ford Axles When using Lincoln Backing Plate Brakes

Thread Size: 3/4"-16
Accepts Inner Bearing ID: 1.190"
Accepts Outer Bearing ID: 0.750"

Roadster Supply Co. spindles are forged steel 1045, heat treated, and CNC machined for proper fitment and clearances. Now featuring center mount grease fittings that clear bolt on steering arms. Based on original 37-41 style spindles but carefully designed to accommodate both original and aftermarket components... It doesn't get any nicer. The Lincoln brake kit has always been a popular choice for hot rodders but the modifying of the spindle can be a bit of a pain. Not only are the tops of these spindles machined to fit better into the backing plate, we have also moved the kingpin boss out a touch to give the king pin head a little extra clearance. Bushed and reamed spindle kits come with all bushings pre installed and reamed; ready to install on the axle.


2 (TWO)
Forged Steel Spindles for Lincoln Backing Plates
4 (FOUR)Pre-Fit and Reamed Bushings


This spindle has been tested with several backing plates. It is designed to fit original parts, some aftermarket kits may require additional modifications.

1928 - 1948 Ford axles use the same king pin diameter and geometry, allowing 1937 - 1941 spindles to easily be mounted. Always use a king pin kit designed for your year range spindle.

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: $239.99
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Early Ford Spindle Nut Kit 37 - 41 Forged Spindles Round Back Traditional 1937 - 1941 Ford Steel King Pin Kit Thru Hole Spindle Steering Arms Plain Steel

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