Universal Hot Rod Clutch Linkage Kit

Universal Hot Rod Clutch Linkage Kit


This linkage kit was originally made for 1932 Ford frames with pre 82 SBC using American Rebel's GM621 bellhousing or similar stock original bell but has been known to work for many other hot rod applications using SBC or BBC motors. This kit is not a replacement for any original part and is not a bolt in kit. It is a 95 percent complete kit that requires fabrication knowledge and testing for install. For use with modified 1955-57 style clutch forks. SOLD AS KIT
: $274.99



A great starting point for trying to use a manual 4 or 5 speed transmission behind a SBC in your hot rod. This kit includes pivot balls, cross shaft throw lever, frame mount pivot plate, adjustable linkage arms, and assorted fasteners and spacers to fine tune it all. Designed for use pre - 82 and bellhousings like American Rebel's GM621 or similar original. This kit does not include a clutch fork, although other forks may work, we recommend the use of a 1955-57 Chevy style fork. The fork needs to be enlarged at the end to accept the width of the heim joint and have a 3/8" hole drilled thru to mount the heim joint. This kit is for the pro builders only, it is not a bolt on kit and requires skilled fabrication for function correctly. All heims and bolts are 3/8" dia.


1 (ONE)
Cross Shaft Linkage Lever
2 (TWO)Adjustable Linkage Arms with Heims
2 (TWO)Pivot Balls (1 for Frame & 1 for Bellhousing)
1 (ONE)Pivot Ball Frame Plate with Weld Block
1 (ONE)Assorted Bolt & Spacer Kit


Depending on application, additional spacers or different bolts may be required to suit. Some pedals may need to be countersunk for bolt clearance.

Remember to grease cross shaft lever sufficiently prior to use.

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